Due to its advanced technology, the Planmeca Intra can meet virtually any imaging need, including film imaging, phosphorous plate imaging, and CCD digital imaging. The Intra provides adjustable kV, mA, and time, thus guaranteeing optimal images for different anatomical conditions and imaging systems.


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The Intra DC generated X-ray features adjustable mA, kV, and time. The mode key allows operators to choose from CCD digital, phosphorus plate, or film modes with the touch of a button. The Intra is available with a handheld control or a remote exposure station.

Whether you choose film or digital, the Planmeca Intra delivers excellent image quality.

Smart Design

The unique non-symmetric design of the X-ray tube head makes aiming exceptionally easy and precise. The smooth top cover of the tube head seamlessly extends to the cone, a clever design that makes the x-ray beam alignment accurate and faster than ever.

A Cat 5 cable has already been pulled through the arm of the x-ray for integration with the Planmeca ProSensors.  This makes for a clean, safe, uncluttered work environment.

  • More than 60 factory-programmed memory settings for quick access to different exposure values
  • Self-diagnostic software with a help messaging system for user assistance.
  • Adjustable kV of 50, 52, 55, 57, 60, 63, 66 and 70 allows dentists to adjust for any imaging contrast and density requirement.
  • The adjustable mA of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 allows for the use of current and future digital technology.
  • The Intra comes standard with an 8-inch cone suitable for bisecting angel techniques, an optional 12-inch cone is available.
  • Cat 5 cable built into the arm
  • Uniquely designed; small, flat top, cast aluminum with epoxy finish, overheat protection, multiple mounting options
  • Maximizes the diagnostic value of all intraoral radiography techniques and produces clear images with outstanding sharpness and detail.
  • Produces lower radiation dosage of up to 25 percent compared to conventional AC generators.
  • Light weight tube head makes it easy to position the Intra quickly and smoothly.
  • The Intra's circuity is not affected by line voltage fluctuations, making the Intra safer and more reliable.
  • Cat 5 cable allows for integration with the Planmeca ProSensors for a safer cleaner working environment
  • Unique design saves money with durability built in