SingLED Operatory Light
SingLED Operatory Light
SingLED Operatory Light
SingLED Operatory Light
SingLED Operatory LightSingLED Operatory LightSingLED Operatory LightSingLED Operatory Light

SingLED Operatory Light

Planmeca’s SingLED operatory light provides shadow-free and consistent illumination throughout the treatment area, with a multi-faceted reflector that uniformly illuminates- these features minimize eyestrain, even during long dental procedures.


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The PLANMECA SingLED has a single LED light that uses a multi-faceted reflector to produce a light pattern that is free of shadows. A motion sensor on the front of the light allows hands-free on/off and intensity adjustment, while the easily removable head handles are fully autoclavable; each of these distinguishable features assures quick and simple asepsis. The advanced LED design also consumes very little power and has a standard life rating of 10 times longer than typical halogen dental lights.

  • Faceted parabolic reflector—precision computer designed, the faceted parabolic reflector projects a near perfect light pattern precisely focused on the treatment area, without color washing on the outer edges of the light pattern
  • Unit, wall, cabinet, ceiling and track mounts available—the LED light can also be mounted to Planmeca units, Triangle Optiline Island Cabinets, or ceiling mounted. The patent pending revolutionary track design delivers the most stable and flexible solution for positioning an LED light and monitor without imposing or colliding with the desired position of either component
  • Optional mounting arm for LCD monitor—a mounting arm is available for adding a 15- or 17-inch LCD monitor to the Compact dental unit-mounted light post
  • The SingLED uses a computer-designed faceted reflector with a single light emitting diode (LED) that lasts 10 times longer than conventional quartz-halogen lights
  • Green LED technology requires only one-tenth the energy required to operate a typical Quartz-Halogen operating light, which translates into a reduction in greenhouse emissions estimated for a 12-month period at 9.5 lbs of CO2 for our single LED technology compared to 93 lbs. of CO2 for Quartz-Halogen designs
  • The SingLED promotes infection control by offering hygienic light handles which are removable for sterilization and “Hands Free” intensity adjustment and on/off activation
  • The light handles can be repositioned, without tools, to accommodate the operator’s desired personal grasp
  • Light design reduces fatigue and allows dentists to remain productive for longer time periods