Planmeca dental mills

Our Planmeca PlanMill® dental mills are the leading choice for fast and accurate milling. With their enhanced performance and numerous smart features, the units offer the smoothest milling experience on the market.

Fast and precise milling

With high-speed spindles that produce restorations faster than it takes to have a cup of coffee, Planmeca dental mills offer outstanding speed and efficiency for milling directly at a clinic. Their linear motors have been designed to ensure the highest levels of precision – resulting in flawlessly accurate restorations.

Wide range of applications

Planmeca dental mills support various milling materials, such as ceramic, hybrid ceramic and zirconium materials both in block and disc form. This flexibility allows clinicians to always offer their patients the best possible individual treatment plan. The mills can be used to create crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and as well as full arch restorations.

Dental mill blocks

Simple usability

Equipped with integrated computers, Planmeca dental mills are easy to operate by anyone of the dental staff. The unit can receive cases from any computer in the clinic, and the integrated computer screen shows the current operator which block material, size and colour should be inserted in the machine for milling the selected case.


Automated tool changing

All our dental mills are equipped with automated tool changers that automatically select the suitable tools for each case and replace worn down or broken burs. The units’ smart tool paths have been optimised to suit individual material characteristics. As the optimal thickness is automatically calculated, restorations created with Planmeca dental mills are sure to be durable.

Planmeca PlanMill 30 S side

Guided maintenance

Just like a modern car, Planmeca dental mills inform the user of required mill maintenance – from daily cleanings and water changes to annual preventive maintenance. The unit’s software also offers information on tool wear and block usage. Similar to other Planmeca equipment, the milling units can be networked with other devices and monitored with Planmeca Romexis® Clinic Management software for quality assurance and remote maintenance services.

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