Romexis® user stories



I think it’s great to have everything on the same platform – whether it’s our digital impressions, panoramic images, intraoral images or 3D images. It’s all very intuitive, and image quality is automatically optimised.
I am very satisfied with the software, both in terms of image quality and the ease of use of the platform.

Dr Marine Veillié, France



I really like the way you interact with the devices and the software, which I think is the main advantage. The image quality is good, very good, one of the best – I’ve always said it. But it’s not just the image, it’s also the integration with the Romexis software. The ease with which I can make a diagnosis in Romexis and go to the integration area with the press of a button, it is very valuable.

Dr Julían González, Mexico



I was reviewing different intraoral scanners online and discovered that Planmeca will allow me to do everything within the same software. I really liked the whole workflow. It’s easy, because you don’t have to change from one brand to another, or from one software to another. Everything is integrated in the Planmeca Romexis software.

Dr Konstantinos Kouvas, Greece



The Planmeca Romexis software integrates all my CBCT, panoramic and intraoral X-ray images and intraoral photos in one database. Using only one interface, I can access and browse all the information I need with just a few clicks. With Romexis, complicated cross-software workflows have become a thing of the past at my clinic.

Dr Xianghua Cheng, China



What is best in Romexis is that everything is integrated, and you don’t need separate software for different purposes.

Dr Helena Beatriz Santos, Portugal



It was the complete Romexis software that made me change my equipment from another manufacturer to Planmeca.

Dr Ana Osorio, Costa Rica



The Romexis software is simply amazing with all its features and functionalities. I’m sure it will be even more popular among Japanese dentists in the near future.

Dr Nobuya Kitahara, Japan



I think the Romexis software works very well. I can merge a CBCT image, my implant plan and an intraoral scan, and it’s all just so easy.
I use the software every day.

Dr Gillaume Reys, France



Once you understand the logic behind a single Romexis module, you are immediately able to use other modules as well. This is especially useful when you are planning to expand your activity and introduce new users to the system.

Dr Marco Del Corso, Italy



I feel that guides designed with Romexis are easy to use and lead to precise fits. Guided implant surgery and Romexis guides enable implant treatments that are more reliable and accurate than free-hand surgery. Treatments still require excellent skill from the surgeon, but there are less surprises.

Dr Ville Pesonen, Finland



The Romexis® 3D Cephalometry module helps orthodontic diagnosis by visualising the case in a clear and concise manner. Having a distinct graphical representation of the case allows for the intuitive and easy evaluation of the case. It is also an effective patient education tool.

Dr Giovanna Perrotti, Italy



I do a lot of extractions and immediate implantations in the anterior sector. With Romexis® guides, both precision and predictability are simply superior. You know exactly the result you are going to achieve. Thanks to the development of guided surgery techniques, cases that used to be complex have become simple. With Romexis, you can create a guide with just a few clicks.

Dr Samuel Dumortier, France



Virtual surgical planning has improved the safety, accuracy and predictability of procedures, as it allows me to see the structures more clearly and plan the osteotomies more precisely than before. This reduces the operation time and the patient’s recovery time.
I wanted to have a complete solution for the entire spectrum of CMF surgery – jaw surgery, implants, TMJ diagnostics and complex bone augmentation planning. With Planmeca’s imaging and software solutions, I have achieved this.

Dr Sven Heinrich, Germany