Planmeca and KaVo –
Stronger together




Since joining forces in the beginning of 2022, KaVo Dental and Planmeca have been working together to become the world’s leading provider of digital dental solutions – backed by the expertise of other Planmeca Group companies. The synergies of this alliance have been built into a mutual promise, which reflects the essence of this partnership and its benefits for the dental community worldwide: Stronger together.

A full portfolio of products and services for dentistry

Together, Planmeca and KaVo are able to offer dental professionals worldwide a full portfolio of products and services that meet the highest standards for quality and innovation. Our complementary product portfolios seamlessly integrate to ensure smooth treatment workflows, excellent user experience and efficient use of resources. Together, they also provide dental practices a diverse array of product options, features, and specifications to choose from, which can be conveniently explored at our joint events, exhibition booths, and showrooms.


From professionals to professionals

Both Planmeca and KaVo are renowned for reliable, premium-quality products, which are developed and manufactured at our campuses in Finland and in Germany. Our in-house teams design, test and manufacture all our exceptional products. Planmeca and KaVo staff includes professionals from key areas of expertise, ranging from electronics and mechanics to software and industrial and UX design, all contributing to the continuing development of our innovative products. Constructive exchange between the development teams enables new, innovative product lines and user-optimised workflows, especially in digital applications.


Making commitments with a long-term perspective

Planmeca and Kavo both share a strong commitment to the long-term development of new product innovations, long-lasting partnerships and sustainable operations. As privately owned companies, we are able to make far-reaching commitments that go beyond short-sighted quarterly metrics. Our customers and partners can rely on us to provide safe, durable and reliable products that have been produced in state-of-the-art facilities under fair working conditions and last long into the future.


Constant dialogue with customers

As members of Planmeca Group, Planmeca and KaVo are family-owned and driven by people who share the same core values and a customer-first philosophy. Our strong family business heritage also ensures we could not be further from a faceless corporation. Our dedicated employees take pride in our products and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied with us and our products. We value short communication channels with our customers that allow us to stay in constant dialogue and use the customer feedback for further improvement of our products and services.


Staying close to customers through local partners

Planmeca and KaVo are both globally active and well positioned in many markets. Even after joining forces, both companies continue to operate with their own distribution channels. In some markets, however, a shared distribution network has allowed expanding the reach of Planmeca and KaVo products to a broader audience. Wherever we operate, our carefully selected distributors are always prepared to offer optimal support and guidance to our customers.